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Thorney is located on the A47 between Peterborough and Wisbech. After decades of campaigning Thorney now has a bypass to the North of the village.



The old A47 through the village is known as Wisbech Road, and there are a number of smaller roads which link off Wisbech Road to lead to residential areas. There are also a number of country lanes which lead out to the Fens.


Turning onto Station Road at the traffic lights you get to Ash Close, Beech Close, Chestnut Drive, Laurel Drive, The Maltings, Orchard Court, Station Road, Tower Court.  Also, Erica Walk and Berberis Close are located off Chestnut Drive.



Gas Lane is located off Wisbech Road 100 meters east of Station Road.



Abbey Place goes from the southern side of the traffic lights to Whittlesey. Church Street is off Abbey Place.



Woburn Drive, Russell Close, Tavistock Close, Topham Crescent, St Mary's Close, St Peter's Way, St Botolph's Close, Sandpit Road, Smithfield, Park Crescent, and Park Close. St Peter's Way and St Boltoph's Close are located off St Mary's Close.



Both Bukehorn Road and English Drove are off Station Road.



Black Drove



New Cut (South) is accessed from the A47 from the South and intersects with English Drove



New Cut (North) and French Drove


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